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Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need to bring anything to the first appointment?

Please bring any reports or testing results from other professionals about your child.

My child is very shy with strangers. How will that affect testing?

Having worked with children for over 30 years if they are a little reserved at first, I usually find that with gentle encouragement and after the first session, they gain confidence. This is helped by you as the parent feeling confident about the visit yourself.

I have been told that my child is too young for Speech Pathology?

​Early intervention with Speech and Language disorders is paramount to a better prognosis. I am highly experienced in working with children as soon as they start using single words (12 - 18 months) and it is better to seek advice early rather than wait until a problem becomes more complex and therefore more difficult to change.

How long will my child need to come for therapy?

Speech and language difficulties by their nature are not usually fixed quickly. It takes time, perseverance and is largely dependent on the severity of the child's disorder. 



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